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Welcome to my new website


If you've been following along with my websites at all recently, you may have noticed a change in my personal portfolio sites. I recently ran into some issues with my previous Gatsby build on Netlify, which prompted me to look for alternatives for my own site.

I wanted to keep my stack on Netlify for ease-of-deployment, but wanted a new minimalistic design for the site and to be more blog-focused. With that, I chose this JAMstack template (Delog) from Netlify's offerings and started hacking away for my own personal blog. This site uses the same Gatsby build process as my previous site, compiling content from Markdown files at build time and programmatically building the dynamic pages with GraphQL queries.

Not much is different apart from the design and overall sitelink architecture. I really only needed something quick and easy as my old website was no longer able to get new content out (the one drawback of editing JAMstack websites).

That's all for now. Be sure to keep an eye out as I upload more blog posts and design the site further to my liking. Thank you!

For a quick rundown of technology used with this website:

  • React
  • Gatsby
  • GraphQL
  • Github (CI/CD)
  • Netlify (Hosting)

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