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United Restaurant Equipment Company


United Restaurant Equipment Company, a local family-owned restaurant and kitchen equipment supplier based in Raleigh, reached out to me in 2020 looking to revamp their online presence. At the time of hiring, URECO was in possession of two websites: a main ureco.com Wix site and a ureco-store.bigcommerce.com website that was home for their ecommerce store. The goal was to combine the store websites into one domain and eliminate the Wix side, and fix the main websites issues to bring it up to standard.

Site Design

The Wix website was a simple "about us" style website with information about the company, a gallery of services and jobs its provided, and a contact form for reaching out. Much of the website was easily transferred to the ecommerce website with ease. Copying content from the About, Services, and Contact pages and pasting to their corresponding ecommerce site pages was trivial. The design challenges came when it came time to migrate URECO's services gallery to their new site.

Page design with BigCommerce is tricky, store owners are limited to the options that theme providers give them for designing individual pages. If you're stuck with a theme that only provides one layout for your content, then you're stuck having to either A) shell out hefty fees for page builder plugins or B) hire a developer to custom develop themes for the pages. For the Services gallery, we decided to go with a trial period of option A as it allowed us to design the pages within a small period and publish them so that they'll be saved once the trial runs out.

Once the content of the site was migrated, it was time to phase out the Wix website and point the domain towards BigCommerce' nameservers instead. This portion was simple, some MX hiccups led to a few associates losing email service for a brief period of time, however within an hours time ureco.com was pointing towards BigCommerce.

Product Data

At this stage, the URECO store was still not in a desirable place content-wise. Their store catalog contained over 4,500 items of varying types, leading to complex category structures. Worse, many of their products were not listed properly and only showed a SKU and a description without images. More than half the site was practically unusable for the end user. Before moving foward, its worth noting that these issues were the fault of a misconfigured ERP plugin that was not syncing with BigCommerce and, therefore, sending the wrong data to the wrong product fields on the BC side.

Fixing the monolithic catalog was a long, but rewarding task. Armed with the SKUs and descriptions, I was able to track down >90% of the product information and update the BigCommerce catalog to include correct product names, images, weights, descriptions, and more. Once the ecommerce store was in a usable spot again, we saw massive increases in the amount of visitors and sales through the website.

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